The collection

Sac Le Généreux - Un sac oversize et un grand cabas - Karen Vogt


A carry-all and a large tote all-in-one. So generous!

Sac "L'impeccable" Karen Vogt :Tote bag et sac baguette ou grande pochette


A slim tote and a small shoulder bag or a large pouch all-in-one. It's impeccable! 

L'Espiègle - Un sac en bandolière et une pochtt de soirée - Karen Vogt



A crossbody bag and an evening pouch all-in-one. It’s kind of mischievous, espiègle as we say in French!

L'Indécise - Une pochette en bandoulière et amovible - Karen Vogt
La Complice - Pochette en tissu au dessin exclusif et unique - Karen Vogt
Etui à lunettes en cuir - à accrocher à votre sac à main - Karen Vogt


A pouch that can be worn on it's own as a cross-body bag or attached inside a larger bag. In or out... it's called the Undecided, and prefers to be guided! 


This textile pouch is perfect for the treasures you'd rather hide, but still keep always by your side. 


An eyewear case for the visionaries who like to see the big picture - and still be able to read the small print!